Goodbye Little Soilder.


United States
40° 10' 46.8336" N, 81° 29' 37.6764" W

Goodbye little soilder your time has come

The batte you have been fighting is finally won

Goodbye little soilder its time to rest.

We all know that you have done your best.


Goodbye little angel, watch over me now.

Go before the king and take a bow.

Goodbye little angel I miss you so much.

Even though you are not here I can still feel your touch.


Goodbye baby boy I will see you soon.

I will think of you everytime I see the moon

Goodbye baby boy I love you so dearly

Everyday that I think of you I can handle it barely.


So Goodbye little soilder your purpose was made

My memory of you will never fade.

Goodbye little soilder you made Auntie proud

Please look out for me from up in the clouds!




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