Goodbye Forever

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 15:36 -- ecimase

I am sorry to those

Who I will leave behind

In this world of ours

Nothing really matters

What is it I feel?

Why do I feel so?

Should I feel this way?

Always so full of

Dread, pain, agony

Many things

They call to me

These voices, inside

They call for me

To let loose

A stream of red

With a quick, silver

Flash of tempered steel

And my heart

Lightning courses through

Me, my very being

And my whole, entire world

Goes darkest of black

As I slowly lose consciousness

My mind drifts towards you

And missed opportunities

And that horrible pain

That I know

Oh so very well

That you will feel when

My life is extinguished

So, for now

All I wanted to say to you

Was that I am so

Very sorry

That we will never have

Our anniversary

Or those wonderful

Yet, quite annoying children

I will miss you most

So goodbye, forever


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