I’ll rather die then live a life barely alive

Waiting with open arms for the happiness people promised would come.

All the while the tears swept we up like a river and I sat there… in glum.

Fighting all the emotions : my insecurities , my fears  and always determining  my self-evaluation

Can’t help but despise  my  simple-minded generation.

Everyone wants a place, and wants something that everyone has.

A nation of envy, pride and materialistic things that aren’t bound to last.

So I’ll rather die then live a life in pure hatred.

With girls who can’t think beyond the length of their hair and clothes on their back

With girls embracing being be-littled and  derogatory opinions not  facts.

Past becoming our present because we are in denial and want to forget it.

take a glance and see that everyone has fought and  every race it had benefitted.

I’ll rather live in a world, where pretty what was an action.

It wasn’t a physical characteristic and  a form of attraction.

Pretty was a state of doing, a process and activity. You earned  that statement instead of it being diluted into negativity.

Bury me before darkness becomes  this life. Where we’ll kill for anything we want and humanity will be at strife.

Everyone say everything will get better, but how’s is that possible when everything is falling apart.

We are being born into a world violence , and dark is spreading  thoroughly in our hearts.

Kids are dying from the things that take the pain away.

Just a smoke, just a drink just to make us feel okay.

Boys aren’t being created as men but as liers and manipulators .

Sex is easy and love is in a book or designed by an illustrator.

I don’t want to be the kid who takes their life away but I’ll rather die … so bury me with a simple



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