When I first met you

I thought you were cute
And that's when it happened
And it seemed like a snap and
You started talking to me
And it just filled me with glee
It just didn't seem right
Because I was losin the fight
When I fell for your charms
And slipped into your arms
I thought it would last forever
Me and you being together
I guess I was wrong
Because you said so-long
It wasn't that long
Before you moved on
Now I am by myself
Saying god please help
He said sweetie
Your never alone
Can't you see
You will always have me
My family told me you were trouble
But I told them to put on a muzzle
Now I can finally see
What you do to me
And yet you make me happy
And you always have but now I understand
And I am kinda glad
Now i am free
To just be me
And yeah it's hard
I got to move on
But at least now I know where to start
Cause now I have courage
Knowing god will get me through it
Even though we aren't together
You will be in my Heart forever
You have been my best friend
Till the very end
But now I sigh
And try not to cry
For this is


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