Mon, 07/10/2017 - 21:05 -- EKK15

Hello, dear friend,

I am writing to you tonight rather than speaking

Because goodbyes are too hard,

And I know you’re already gone.


I’ll be crying on the bathroom floor,

11:00 PM with the lights dimmed low

Salty tears mixing with lukewarm water,

Creating a vile concoction of depravity and hopelessness, 

all in the night’s damp air. 


I won’t be able to drive those same damn roads

Look out the window and see the golden rods of sun,

Grazing over the hills and the ponds

And look miles away at the city skyline

As small as the head of a pin.


When that song comes on,

The one that we’d dance to late in the night

With wrinkled t shirts and messy hair,

I’ll forget where I am and only focus

On exactly where I was with you 

When we smiled.


I won’t be able to look at your photographs

The ones you took of me standing ankle deep

In a mound of beach sand

Staring off at the waves and the diving seagull in the ocean.


It’ll hurt to know I may be

A passing memory, a hazing image

That you can sometimes conjure up

But won’t be able to fully remember.


After all, it’ll be so long before we meet again.


So before you go,

Hold me a little longer,

Whisper to me a bit more,

And love me, friend,

A bit harder.

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