Good Times

I talk to you

Because I have interest in you

I like the way that you make me feel

The way you get me to open

&express myself so freely

When I think about you my days go by faster

Me, knowing that it’s only a matter of time that separates us

A matter of distance between us

The matter of if I’m actually wanted

By you

When I allow these people around me to do me what they wish

Your words of wisdom rise up

&no more do I allow it

No more do I sit quietly

&let them have their way

Stick& stones may break my bones

But their words will not

Shall not,

Hurt me

But honestly will yours

I want to know if Sex is all that you seek

That only this you desire of me

Do you see me as something to toy with?

Or am I something to treasure

Is it my smile?

Is it my charm?

Please tell me because not only can I do what please you

I can be your world if you would let me

My voice like that favorite sound track of yours

That sweet happy place

Let me be your head chef

&your bodies whore

The best of the best by the belly of the beast

Be the best you ever tasted behind that door

Let my name rest on your tongue with pride

With a smile on your face

Remembering our journey to ecstasy

Our joy ride

I cannot promise you the world

But I can my best

To take you to greater places& higher

Sweetie, my body doesn’t come without my soul

So I ask what is it that you truly want

Because I, from you what more than just good times in the bedroom

I want good times as we hang out

Getting to know you for you

As I wake in the morning

&roll to you

Good times being held captive by you

Good times being love by you

&then those good times will happily be replaced

With Great Memories for us to share

Be my bae

Be my boo

Be my good times

Be my all

Be my world

So I can cherish you like no one else


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