good things happen to good people


I know you are hurting

i am hurting too

You tell me you are splitting

i need 




but mommy is packing

and daddy is crying

and the hole in the wall

keeps staring back at me

memories of dad hitting

sounds of mom screaming

i am learning from you that it is

better to be right, than to be loved

when you confide in me your hurt

you are instilling me with your adult pain

and taking away my chance at being a child

but you are still packing my clothes

my polly pockets

and i will be here in a constant

state of

fight or flight

to stay or go and you chose to go

i do not want to live with grandma

i want my bedroom

i want my parents together

i want life to go back to normal

i want you to not marry someone else

i want dad to stop seeing other women

my needs are the same as yours

i need love



i need my parents together

thoughtfully, the child of 



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