The Good Pain


He's that smile that just

won't go.

You feel it in your cheek bones

just as if you try to smile just after eating someting SUPER sweet.

it is as if it hurts to smile, but it is alright

it's that good pain.

making up senarios 

daydreaming as he gazes into your eyes

getting lost, 

blocking out everything else around you

thats when you have the feeling

you never want

the feeling to go away.

The good pain that can stay forever, 

forever keeping a smile on your face.



And you know you have suceeded when you find someone who can make you smile like that years later without any trouble hope hes like that for you. This is a beautiful piece, love poems are hard to write but you did amazing with this one. Have you shown him this?


Yes, he has seen this. Sadly, he is in a different state than I, so i had him go online to read it :)


Yes, that is the way! Bring us more people to read and post poetry! I'm glad ya showed him thats extremly sweet. Can't wait to read more from you! Happy writing

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