Good Intentions

Wed, 04/24/2013 - 14:19 -- jaMilsz


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They classified her as a good girl
who only does bad things with good intentions.
Like frequently being intimate with intimate lovers
because they loved her.
And she, love how they made her feel.
Time causes them to part ways and this is when she met him.

Their eyes have met before but now their tongues will intertwined in multiple conversation
forming their friendship.
He sought for more sexual chemistry without implying any commitment
because she was committed to another.
Hiding his motive until her relationship ended
then he suggested it.
She disagreed completely and was very persistent.
Until her "no's" transformed into a yes
with each one of his touches.
This would go on for a while and they were very consistent.

As four months pass,
He would revived a previous relationship
and she wonder why her mother nature
hasn't visited her since their last experience.

As mother of nature shows her glory in this storm,
with ever thunder boom, was her heart hitting the ground.
Loud as if it had surround sound,
Around the sound amplified, as she weaved her web of lies.
whenever her family inquired about her health.

Was this web strong enough to hold a baby?
Maybe or maybe not.

With the father acting shady,
in fear of losing their friendship by ruining his relationship.
She was on her own,
this baby was on its own.
All alone in the womb of a pregnant teen
who didn't know what to do,
as she cried her river of "fuck you's"
to everyone she blamed beside herself.
Yet she criticized herself.
But this problem was hereditary,
her mom had a baby at 15, her grandma at 19
now 17 she didn't know what to do.

Even though abortion is cuturally legal,
but morally a sin.
She could kill an innocent baby,
kill apart of herself,
as well as him too.
But how could she hide a pregnancy for 9 months,
take care of a baby that she wasn't sure she would love.
Wasn't sure that the father would accepted.
Wasn't sure that she was ready for what other teen girls glamorized.
This feeling is horrifying,
she was terrorized by her own thoughts.

Until the adversary gave her a way out.
She wrote her story,
made her amends to family and friends.
She signed it with her tears and the very last kiss from her lips.

They classified her as a good girl.
Who only does bad things with good intentions
like commiting suicide.


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