Good Girls

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 10:22 -- tfoss

Good girls

With high heels and dresses

Fresh dewy faces and bibles on their


Pray to Him

Good girls

Facebook pages with verses

from the Good Lord

Church on Sunday morning

Praising Him

Good girls

All in good fun

Find a boy who kisses their face

who says he loves her

in a way that makes her squirm

in places she'd never felt before

Good girls

they do good things

that He never said were good

What does He crave?

What does He know?

He cannot love me the way he loves me!

he claims that he will always be there!

He has stayed silent.

he claims that he will take care of me!

He has made no effort.

Good girls

lost dignity

lost virginity

lost everything they know

for a boy who faded away

Good girls are good no more.

he lied to me

he bruised me

he. left. me.


I am here

He whispers

I never left you

He says

And you are still good

To Me.




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