Good Girl


He likes the way you twerk.

The way you move your hips and make your gluteus maximus go berserk.

The slopes and lopes of your thighs and sides, enveloped in glove like paradise.

You leave nothing to the imagination, a one night riding sensation.


And as he appreciates every curve except your smile,

you mistake his lust for love all the while.

When will you realize your a five leaf clover,

and that boy behind you just wants you to bend over?


I've heard these excuses before, about how Daddy walked out the door.

How you've never had a male figure to show you how you should be treated.

Your mom didn't either,

cant you see history is being repeated?


Boys love a girl that can “turn up” but this era of no respect is corrupt.

Michelle Obama, Oprah, Hilary Clinton,

that is what girls should aim to be.

Not Miley, Nicki, or the rapper Iggy.


It makes me tick,

this generation of conforming cliques.

They call me lame when I get lost in my books,

who knew brilliance could receive such wicked looks.

I'm gonna aim high, and give this world a whirl,

Momma always said,

“Ain't nothing wrong with being a good girl”.  


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