"For Good" Feels So Good

The day the red, white, and blue took him away

We were covered in tears and our heads hung so low

We begged for our soldier to stay

I’ve heard one million stories of soldiers who go

Here’s the story of one who came home.

just watching the clock

Imagining him running in

he would be real big and solid like rock

his face would be stretched to a grin

dirty boots and short hair and crystal blue eyes

the scruff that filled in both his cheeks

I imagined his long hugs and mama’s loud cries

what he might say when he speaks

I imagined every moment: forwards and back

I imagined just how it might be

But there’s one thing all my imaginations did lack:

How it felt when he first looked at me

Like hundreds of long distance phone calls

And news that no Americans had died

Like standing in big rushing waterfalls

And forgetting that you’ve ever cried

When our soldier came home it was more than surreal

Happiness in it’s purest form

It was goodbye to know and submersion in feel

A frozen heart just became warm


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