A Good Feeling

 To stand in the hot sunshine

And feel it beating down upon your skin-

That’s a good feeling…

To peer through your smudged glasses

At the world around you

 And see shimmering green leaves

Blowing in the wind

 And a bright blue sky

Dotted with silver tufts of clouds

Surrounding you-

Making you dream of Heaven-

That’s what peace looks like…

To hear the neighbor’s dogs

Barking from across the fence

And the insects of summer

 Humming in the distance-

Reminding you of the present-

That’s what reality sounds like…

To inhale the scent

Of unfamiliar men’s cologne

As they pass by

And a sweet, old lady’s perfume

As you hug her-

And feel at home-

That’s what being a friend smells like… 

                                                                                                            To be alive

At a good ol’ country burial-

That’s a good feeling…  


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