The Good Evil Queen

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 13:53 -- Anayia

                                                                                                      The Good Evil Queen


The beautiful queen cried

As her younger sister died

Wondering what she might become

You see, her sister was the only one

Who kept her from the quiet thrum

 she felt inside of her heart


The feeling she dreaded etched its way into her mind,

Controlling her every breath

It was her destiny to be as evil as can be….

To become the Evil Queen


So she did as it said, she took everyone's heads,

But still her heart wasn’t gone

Her sister’s voice sang above all the rain

That had clouded her judgment far too long


She remembered her love and her warm, gracious, hugs

And her eyes drained from black back to brown

She hung her head and started to dread who she’d become

She took a deep breath, and called all who were left

She had some words to say


“Im glad to say, that as of today, the Evil Queen’s rein is through.”

That was her kingdom, her people

And they once again loved her

For all that she was... despite all her flaws

Through and through


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