Good Bye REDONE!!!!!!

Over the past few years

I have stood by your side

And now we are falling apart

Like rain falls further away from the clouds.


You tell me I am overreacting

I’m telling you that you are acting

You pretended to like me

Don’t deny the truth.


It’s gone on for weeks now

Even months

I’ve gone home in tears

This is what I have been reduced to.






She’s called me moody

She’s called me selfish

She’s called me sassy


Yet anyone who knows me knows that I am none of these

Because selfish, sassy and moody

They don’t live in my personality

It’s just not me.


You scarred me.

Every word

Every comment

Every name

That you said

Was like a dagger

Plunging into my body.

But the ones that hurt me most

Went straight to my heart.


You know

I was a rose

Just beginning to blossom

But your words made me wilt

Until I feel nothing but a weed.


I was an Eagle

Soaring through the clouds

But you were the hunter

And you shot me down

Until I feel as if I can’t fly anymore.


I was a snowman

Standing proud and tall

But you were summer

And you made me melt

Until I’m nothing but a puddle

Next to a hat.


I have taken this hat off to you

Because you have shown me

The person I never want to be.


I’m over it

I don’t deserve this.


You know,

I don’t wear my emotions on my sleeve

You need to look deeper

Because I am the iceberg

You see so little but underneath there is so much more

Look deeper.

Look deeper for once.


This isn’t the only problem

The problem that you caused

There are others too.


My best friend

Is siding with you

She stands up for you

Not me anymore.

I get blamed

For talking about you behind your back

When really what you are doing

Is exactly that.


But I know the truth.


I’m leaving

It will make me drift away from the others

Those people who actually care

But that doesn’t matter anymore

It is time for me to move on

From You.


Thanks for the pain

Thanks for the tears

Thanks for taking my self-confidence away

Thanks for giving me self-doubt

I appreciate it.


But then again

Thanks for the experience

Because I’ll be the one

Who turns out stronger because of this.


My rose will bloom again

You will droop and wilt

Your arrows will become blunt

My wings will heal

And I will soar once more



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