Gone, gone, gone

Thu, 09/10/2015 - 00:01 -- AbbyLG


Like the warmth leaves you as you slide out of bed in the morning

Like the bad taste goes away as you brush your teeth

Like the circles under your eyes fade as you cake them with concealer

Gone, gone

Like the feeling of peace slips away as you finish that book

Like the friendship neither of you held on tight enough to

Like the smile falls when you get the bad news

Gone, gone, gone

Like you never existed

Like you had never walked this earth

Your footprints vanish as they lower you into the ground

You're gone, gone, gone

And we're all still holding onto your memory,

clutching, clawing, desperately trying to get any part of you to keep

and asking, asking, why, why, why,

you had to go

and wondering how, how, how

we hadn't noticed.

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My community
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