Gone Girl

Ever wondered what it felt like to be loved by your crush?

Of course everyone does.

I have been down this road once.

It broke my heart multiple times.

He came, he went.

I stayed, and stayed. 

Waited for those 3 little words.

They never came.

Everyone told me to leave to be by myself.

I didn't want to lose him, even though he wasn't mine.

I tried for months and months.

Finally he came to me, asking to walk me to class, for hugs.

I let him back in.

He was there for me, like a boyfriend would be.

I fell in love with him all over again. 

He broke my heart. 

Smashed it into a million little pieces.

I didn't even know my heart could be broke again.

By now he was crawling back, begging for forgiveness.

I wont let him in, my walls are up, blocking my broken heart.

i guess you could say Aim gone.

Gone girl.

This poem is about: 
My family




Sorry. I'm just a big fan on proper grammar and spelling.


its okay. Thanks though! <3  ~Babes

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