"Gone" By Christy L. Rhone


United States
34° 6' 13.32" N, 117° 39' 39.906" W

I become stronger with words unbreakable vows,

Life teaches while my lifestyle preaches truth,

Pondering why did my past determine my future,

Lies were told and my heart was leaking unknown colors of  pain,

The count-down has started but how long will delivence take,

Hurting inside out is painful than ever before,

 And only Jesus can Shake,

Shake, Break, Mold, and release me from this mind of confusion,

I'm hurting Lord I need you,

Why O Why did I turn my back on you?


This poem is about: 
Our world


Jan Wienen

He is still close ... He never left you ... He is so dependable ...

Christy L. Rhone

These things I know! This poem was stating sin being gone  not God, thanks for your encouraging words Jan.

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