You see they say
"Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt me,
But words do hurt
They push me to the dirt
Where you pelt me with sticks and bricks

So they say
"actions speak louder than words"
So your words must be the sticks
And your actions must be the bricks
Pushing me down the hole

So it’s been said
"You can sleep when you’re dead."
So that must be what they intend
So ill take my pills and pass out in my den

So I’ve been told
"they who hope in the lord will mount up
With wings like eagles.”
So in my sleep he took me away
From my bed where I lay
He flew me into the sky

So everyone asks,
Like they don’t even know
But they don’t
Because they never asked.

So they all say
"You’ll. Be missed."
What they really mean is,
"Who will we cast our stones at,
Who will we swing at with our bat?”
Brushing off their shame.


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