A loss of a life
A hole in this heart
My horrors realized as I watch him
Needles scattered about him
As cluttered as his life
Just sitting there, now at his lowest point
Blowing that smoke which poisons
Much more than just his veins
He breathes it in, his eyes dilate
I scream at him, he can't hear
I know deep inside, I'm not here
I'm miles away as another figure enters
This cold and depressing room
Without question or conscience
Showing no reason or hatred
Pulling that steel trigger, releasing a fate
Within a tiny cursed piece of lead
Which embeds itself deep into his brain
Only the scent of gunpowder remains
As I look at the floor I see my tears drop
Into the crimson pool in which his body lay
Lifeless and motionless, eyes still dilated
The color melts from his once familiar and happy face
His lips that laughed with me so many times
Lie slightly parted as me utters his last word
"Sorry" to the world from which his soul slips
I hear the last beat of his heart, it stops
The room starts to spin uncontrollably
I scream again as I fall and hit the floor
These images flashing through my shocked brain
The truth, now a lie, as gone as that smile that left his lips
I wake and see that it was only a horrifying dream
But, in my head these horrors became real
Reality strikes as a weight sets upon my shoulders
He's gone.....
He really is gone.......


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