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it's not a shootout
it's not a fight
it's not a rape
or a stabbing
someone thought was out of sight
that momentous night
it was robbery
it was a death of
a childhood friend
the way he dropped
to his knees
and laid flat on his back
he took his last breath
as his body was laid breathless
his skin complexion went from
light skin to pale
so white, a ghost would
fly away from his shadow
life and death
as his carcass turned
from warm to cold
cold as ice
as everyone else cried
in sympathy
no longer hearing a sound
sensed the tears of despair
running down friend's faces
took one last look and next thing you know
it looked like scene from csi
the look on his face is priceless like a mastercard commercial
one of the worse death i ever saw
all because his goons
wanted to rob an old man for his Rolex
and he said no
instantly, he was shot head 1st
but it seemed like yesterday
when we use to hang right
in front of the stoops
since you been gone
alot has happen
other cats we grew up with
turned into the life of crime
as their last resort
had all the talent to play a sport
it became wasted
me, i made it through
i survive the harch realities
one day at a time
the sight of your memory paralyzes my heart
because you are gone
i remember when you were here
the calmness and coolness
of how we wanted to see beyond our surroundings
since you left
people lost all control of themselves
of one's lives
not mine-you would proud of me my brother
a lot has really changed now that you are gone

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I absolutely loved your poem. I'm glad you made it out. I'm sorry about your friend. Your imagery is just amazing. It's so straight forward.

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