• Because I love you, So I said 
  • Because our friendship would never end
  • Because though things tried to tear us apart
  • We were both connected at heart


  • Because I love you, we flew high
  • Above the  rain, in the sky
  • Though we had our ups and downs,
  • We also soared above the clouds


  • I once loved them, so you said
  • Refering to those you once called friends
  • Saying you were happy indeed
  • when they stoped talking to thee


  • Because of this, my fear soared
  • The lion inside my heart roared
  • Would this one day be my fate?
  • Our friendship in your heart eraced?
  • Weather it was the fear in me,
  • Or if you suddenly disliking me,
  • You shut me out, we slowly broke
  • Was this whole thing a hoax?


  • Because I love you, so you said
  • These words still echo inside my head
  • and though you have seemed to move on
  • I miss you, even though to you, I am gone
This poem is about: 
My community


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