How quick we are to dismiss a thought, a feeling

Life moves so fast, yet it moves at the pace we set ourselves

What once was, what once could be

Now gone.

Gone as quickly as the rain in Arizona

Gone before we could get our hands around it

Gone even before we knew we had it in the first place.

I look at loss and smile sadly, heart aching for those who feel it.

Then I turn to you to find comfort, and find myself staring into the blackness.

Everywhere I desperately search, you are nowhere to be found

You’re gone.

Gone as quickly as you came

Gone before I could call you a part of me

Gone before I even had you in the first place.

And I, who once offered up my condolences to loss,

Am now a card carrying member of their many, many ranks.

What was a month ago, feels like a lifetime

And I miss you.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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