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May 20, 2016 at 9:36 PM


I remember looking at you

And curiosity filled my mind.

On the longer nights

I dreamed of holding you.

My forearms resting on your shoulders

As your arms are wrapped around me

Keeping me warm.

Our hearts beating loudly

Like the wings of the

Butterflies in our stomachs

As they would roam around the closer we got.


And now

All I’ve been thinking about

Was the night you actually held me.

The night when a few of my many

Questions were answered.

When I got a preview of who you are

And the way you are.


You’re all I’ve been able to think about.


And tonight I’m stuck

Traveling down memory lane.

I can still feel the way you held me.

I was hoping you wouldn’t feel my heartbeat

Because it wouldn’t be as steady as the music

It would start to race louder and louder

Every inch we got closer together.


Your grip became stronger on my hips.

The swaying of our hips to the music of the night.

Dress to pants.

Skin to skin.

Bone to bone.

If we were skeletons alone

The movement of our bones together

Could have made their own music.


You held onto me so tightly

You almost seemed afraid I would slip

Right out of your fingers.

It actually made me happy to know

That someone was scared to lose me.


Looking back,

Maybe I mixed up your feelings with what

I wanted you to feel?

Maybe I covered up your true feelings

With my own fears?


I should have been the one to hold on tighter.

I should have held you closer

Even though the space between us

Wasn’t big enough for a single piece of paper.


After that night

You eventually slipped right from my fingertips.

You were like the raindrops I tried to

Save when I was younger

But instead you fell right between the cracks of my fingers.


I should have held on for dear life

Because now you’re gone.


The music doesn’t sound the same anymore.

And I’m starting to forget the sound of your voice.



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