I see your tears, I feel your pain

When I hear you scream and walk away

The car door slams, the engine roars

I watch you go and leave us alone


He’s six years old, he doesn’t know

Why our family’s broke and no longer whole

He sit’s, you cry, I stare out the window

And watch the world with damaged lives and empty souls


When did I become so cynical, so unbelieving?

Where the thought of happiness seems unrealistic

Love is nothing but a fairytale, a sadistic dream

And family is a euphemism for pain and heartbreak


Where are you? When will you come home?

The structure may be gone, but my arms are always open

No matter what you did, my love will be there

Today, Tomorrow, and Forever over again


I love you

To heaven and back

Infinity times...

This poem is about: 
My family


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