Thu, 09/11/2014 - 19:35 -- Aniyuah



                     Lost in this world I feel so alone, I look left and right as I sure for my way out!  So many things surrounding me, trying to prevent me from achieving my dreams.  My families falling apart like the flowers and leaves during fall time. Years go by, and we suddenly began to grow farther and farther apart. The drugs began to be the heart of it all. My family was no longer my family, they slowly but surely began to come across as strangers. My uncle so down and out, he felt as if he could live no further. He couldn't escape from reality itself, April 21st he hung himself. Imprinting a permanent memory for us all to share. Leaving no note, nor a reason why he left us here. Mixing and matching, trying to put thoughts and pieces together blaming this person and that person for which we all took a share. One by one as we shut him out, leaving him to feel as if he had no one. Not a soul on this earth, which would hear him out. Coming home to his body laid out on the floor. The people fill the streets as the word spreads around. Everyone so in denial all of our hearts began to tare.  

                                                                                              -Aniyuah Owens





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