Before grit or tears

When life was lived in a misty cloud of pink and baby blue

You were the Gondolier

Who swept me safely away

from the monsters that lived under my bed


When life was an obstacle course

And I came to you crying with knees stained by blood and dirt

You were the Caring Nurse

Who cured me of my woes

with bandaids and chocolate kisses


When the world handed me more than I planned

And sky itself twisted like chains around my feet

You were the Strongman

Who lifted my weight on her shoulders

so I could rest easy


When life was full of grandeur

And Mother Nature breathed sunsets of gold along the horizon

You were the Painter

Who taught me that colors shine brightest

When there's darkness to contrast


When the future was a winding road calling me hither

And my fate was concealed behinds clouds of doubt and uncertainty

You were the Mother

Who packed me a bag of wisdom and chocolate kisses

and said “Go get ‘em”

This poem is about: 
My family
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