Goldilocks: Thief in the Night

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 12:33 -- nrouge1

From the time she started breathing

She would concoct schemes as if she were making a potion

A life of crime kept her going

She found that her soul was darker than the ocean


Goldilocks, of blonde hair and sour complexion

Short on food after a night of thieving

Broke into the nearest house and looked in the mirror at her reflection

Adorned with stolen jewels rising on her chest as she’s breathing

An almost maniacal laugh rang as she ran to the pantry and ate until her satisfaction


An alarm started ringing

Goldilocks ran in quick succession

But the police caught her in the act of stealing

And she found herself at the police station


The three bears who owned the house found themselves testifying

Goldilocks panicked as the trial neared completion

She said from her podium “I was hungry and running”

The judge viewed her with utter contempt and condemnation

He said “throw this girl in jail or you shall find me quitting”



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