Golden Tears

She was once a women, Strong and bright, With a magnetic light.A smile so electric,With words so poetic. Bright eyes that gleam,A soul of purity that steamed.  Soon darkness began to arise, demanding for silent cries,She screamed and ran for her life,But he quickly got her tight.  He swoon and charm her innocent mind,With melodic words and handsome kind.Beautiful child didn't see the evil smirk behind his smile,She fell in the abyss and lost her light,While he accomplished all his delights.  Now he's gone and she's in pieces,Memorizing the love of her life in wheezes,While he's in search for another soul to steal like diseases.  The only life she lives on is her ghostly dreams,A story where they lived in love and peace,Sadly he's in the streets,Looking for preys like sweets. While she waits,Even though she knows her fate. 

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