Golden Hair

Mon, 03/09/2015 - 16:32 -- Seirra


Long golden hair flows in the breeze,
And a candy apple dress sways.
Her grey blue eyes can only tease,
And her slender smile always stays.
Beautifully colored butterflies fly high into the sky,
Leaving the ground beneath bare. 
Wishing she could fly,
All she can do is stand and stare.
Golden locks hide her little eyes,
Making it almost impossible to see.
From the world she shies,
Wishing her dream could be.
She wipes away her hair, 
And climbs the tallest tree.
She knows life isn't always fair,
But she knows that she can be free.
One day she will sore up high,
Just you wait and see.
For now she will look to the sky.
For that girl is me.
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