Golden Façade

Draped in gold, you stand to fall, 

but that doesnt stop you from standing tall.

You think you're better than the rest, 

you're looking at me as if your trying your best. 

Im still alone here on a ledge, too afraid to jump

my feelings will remain alleged. 


Pasted behind your, your blue eyes, 

your painted lies only testify, of what lies behind

that cracked smile, 

just a ghost of what i once found worthwhile. 

Here alone, just a boy on his own, 

nothing new, its all ive ever known.


Sitting in a room with a porcelan doll, 

you speak of emotion as my heart starts to stall, 

empty promises lacking intent, 

my hearts as vapid as these, heating vents.

Pushing past, and moving on, 

easy to say when you're so far gone. 


You say you need your space,

you're lying to my face, 

I haven't changed. Here we sit alone, 

a broken heart to call my own. 

Time will pass, and years will fade, 

you'll simply become a memory I forgave.

I'll erase the past, so I can move on, 

all that remains of you, is this song. 


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