the golden egg.

We all are different from one another

CREATing things such as one another

Inevitable animal-like traits in which others would have to


To see. You see? 

This creature never saw the beauty 

Emerged from a wicked egg and ever since then

It only begged.

For acceptance and pled until it fled.

Searching for only a place of limitless happiness

If only he could've found it before being engulfed into a category of lonliness

Instead he found the beauty created within another 


Oh so gracious and the awkward displacement that was bestowed upon him

He was slightly angered by them

And so he plotted against them.

Manipulation was the plan

No one would ever guess he was THE man

Harsh compliments spat upon him since the day of emergence created a monster

Seeing the world from everyone else's lenses distorted his view of life

He would now become what everyone else thought of him

The Ugly Duckling.

This poem is about: 
Our world
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