Gold Seeps through the Cracks

You are what betters me. 

I don't know how, but you do. 

You changed me without even telling me. 
You didn't change me though.

You made me better. 

A better version of myself. 

A better me. 

My parents told me when you drip gold, you have found someone who has made you better.

Even when you think you don't need to be any more better.

They told me when that happens, you better stay with them, but remember that they don't belong to you.

And for whatever reason, you made me drip gold.

Just when I thought I was covered in nothing, but black. 

Just when I thought I gave up on love.

For some unknown reason you saw something in me.

You saw some sort of small chance that I could laugh and smile, again.

But I would laugh and smile so effortlessly without having to force it.

That happens when you're around.

Thank you.

You taught me a very important thing which I could never come to grips with.

And that was to love myself without asking any questions and without hesistation. 

You silly, crazy, loving boy. 

You made me drip gold.

The fairy tale that I thought would never happen to me, but did, you did.

You made the impossible, possible.

You always said never say never becuase never is forever. 

Thank you, My Love.




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