Gold Out of Nothing

Thu, 08/06/2015 - 18:40 -- dwades

I'm going to explain something to you.

Why life is so great!

Please take the time to read a long story.

I hope you can relate.


My dad grew up with nothing.

His dad was never around,

his mom was always working.


He never had a bite to eat.

No money to put in the bank.

He was left to go out in the street.


Now that's nothing against my Grandma, she always did her best.

But there's only so much that a single mom can do to pay off all her debt.


He got into a lot of trouble;

my dad made big mistakes.

He might have even hurt people;

he definitely wasn't great.


But then he had a baby and he turned his life around.

He went to Jesus, he said "Help me maybe?" and started down the path.

Dad quit his job and made his own business, he tried to clean up his act.


It takes a lot to get to the top.

There's a ladder to climb and it's easy to stop.

But that was just a start you see, we weren’t even on the ground.


For years we had no money, Michigan winters without a furnace.

Once we lived off army rations; they taste like rotten anus.


But he never gave up his dream. 

He eventually found the means

to support his family doing things

that were good and weren't unclean.


Now we live like fat cats in a yarn castle.

We have it all because of a pretty hard fought battle,

I'm sure you have heard this before.


I don't need to say anymore.

My point is in this, that people are really something,

that anyone from anywhere can build gold straight out of nothing.


Life is so awesome because of what people can do.

This means anyone, even me and even you!


There are people with no legs who run every day.

They’re able to use tools that other people can make.

Sometimes people find these tools and give them away

to the less fortunate souls who can't afford to pay.


Sons become soldiers and daughters become executives;

The sick find the strength to beat out their cancer;

Officers become heroes that take down the maleficent.


Addicts stop using to go home to help their families;

The famous reach out to those that they inspire;

And parents teach their kids it's not right to be the bullies.


There are many great things that people can achieve.

They make life so awesome, you just have to believe.


You can become great, and anyone can do anything if they are willing to try!

Just remember those who have less than you, who persist through it all. Never say die!


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