Going Back To Being The Little Mermaid


As the story goes,

The mermaid gets legs and toes

Just to chase the boy of her dreams.

Is it really as easy as it seems?

Is that really where Ariel's story ends?

She left all her sisters and fishy friends

For a man, a prince in fact,

Who turned out to be not all that.

He never did anything for himself,

Living his life on the top shelf.

It didn't bother Ariel at the start,

But she later saw he wouldn't do his part.

It got so bad that when their daughter disappeared into the sea

Ariel wondered if that is where the both of them should be.

The entire time they were gone

On Eric did it dawn

What it would be like if his loving and caring wife

Didn't want to be in his life.

When they appeared on the shore,

He told her about his thoughts from before.

Eric said that from then on he would do his share,

Whatever it took, he didn't care

As long as she would stay with him forever.

She kissed him and said she would leave never.

Sadly though, this isn't the end of their tale,

As Ariel yet again wished to be back with a tail.

Eric grew distant with her

And suddenly she wasn't so sure

That she was the only girl to catch his eye.

After a few more months, she said goodbye,

Leaving the note beside their bed

And a kiss on his head.



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