Gods Undiscovered


United States
33° 41' 54.834" N, 84° 32' 35.4732" W
United States
33° 41' 54.834" N, 84° 32' 35.4732" W

"It's all in the delivery," they say.

"You too can talk, speak, write, act, be like me,

But only if you subscribe to my life philosophies.

My 5 step plan that I've worked out over years of experience

has brought about my success.

It's not dumb luck or being in the right place at the right time, I promise.

You can have this," they say.

"But only if I'm just like you?" we say.

We ask for advice

and they return psychoanalysis of their achievements,

their life changing moments that forever changed their paths,

set them on the road less traveled

toward fame and fortune and adoring copy-cats.

I wonder what happened to hearing about my life,

My philosophies, and my beliefs,

That I established with my experiences.

This is not normal conversation;

They’re the only ones who talk here.

My voice is too small to be heard

In anything more than a shout

Mixed with thousands of others.

They lose the personal connection.

They forget to reach back to us

with the same fervor we reach to them,

that they are people too and so are we.

They forget how quickly it ends.

They walk like gods, not apes, not mammals, not perishable.

There is so much more to be gained from living

because we know we're not immortal,

that death will come for us eventually

whether we seek it out or not.


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