Gods never die(immortality)

Here to stay even
When am gone
As I walk on the the sands of time
I want to live my footprint so i be remembered
Gods never die I can hear the trumpets blowing
See the high priest incantation
The town crier is announcing
Someone big is coming
Everyone is listening
The god is coming his bringing good fortune and tales of his journey with him so people please gather at the throne room to be blessed Am not here to talk about ancient elixir dat makes u live forever
Or voodoo spells or even myths never
Am here to tell you about reality
To show you the secret of immortality
This is a classic story
Of how great men move fromgrace to glory I have been treated like shit before
I know what it is to rise and fall
But My dreams keptcalling me i had to pick the call
Oluwa among my foeskeepme tall
My dreams are too big for them to understand
Its not my fault they can't comprehend
Even when they try they end up brain dead
FromHater'sand none belivers my dreams i defend
Haters aroundme they pose as friend
I know they pretend
They want to see my end
Its nota game my dreams has no end
I told them my goal and passion they said i was speaking big grammer
I tried to make them believe i put in more fire
To see my dreams come true is the only thing i desire
I work hard to live the life i admire
Steady keep chasing my dreams me i no go tire
I no come this world to play
Beforei go down e go tey   Enemies are like gravity they try hold you down
But don’t forget you area shooting star refuse to stay down
They push you to dark corner don’t forget the star comes alive when its dark
The sky is big enough for more stars bank on that
No matter how long the night is morning will always come with the light
Always expect the worst but hope for the best
The road to greatness is rough and rugged
Definitely you meet snakes, wolfs in sheep clothing, vultures be careful so you won’t fall deep into their wicked scheme
Stay strong so you won’t be their meal
Always set a mark and keep going, keep chasing them
Challenge your fears
Figure out a way to wrestle your fear to push you from behind
Immortality is when your name lives forever
I work i don’t give up i never say never
We want our names to live forever
Immortality is my goal thats why in ever say never
My nameiwant them to remember
We work hard january to december
U can check our calender
I will never give up
Creativity is my foundation i have to keep breaking grounds
And i will keep building my art
This where i drop my pen gods never die..... I want the awards
I want the fame
I want the bitches
I want the stage
I want the money
I wont let any asshole stop me from getting em
I brought my own style to the game and i came with my name
My life so far has been like a journey
I have fallen so deep
I have lost my self
Lost my way
Lost myself esteem
Lost everything
I will find my way back to the top again
And i will boast of it to the world to see
Gods never die


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