Gods mercy

Want to let go of the pain

I want to let this water  flow from me 

i don’t want to deny myself anymore

I want to be all of me and more



I want to  be clear as water 

and pure as snow

I want wash away 

every painful 

memory and 

my hands would be made clean


I want to engulf myself 

in the deepest part of my heart

and there I could rest 

there I could find myself

there I could 

Love myself again



At the edge of the oceans cliffs 

the ridges would give way

there you could find me

there I could find myself


in the depths 

i would have wiped

away all my tears

there the salt from the ocean

would hit your face….(like a kiss)


there the night sky pulls

just to watch over you..

a little bit closer

because tonight

tonight you are 

reborn again

tonight you rise 

from the ashes

of the fire 

which you came

tonight you become who were destined 

to be


tonight you stand before




there all our thought would be heard

there all our dream would be uncovered

in the depths is were is 

we would be unleash 

no longer afraid

to face our demon

there is were we shine

from the dark of the night

there is were i would I give light 

there is were i will show my love

that only i can


with that your worth 

 I will fight


The ocean roars and it roars beneath me

it has called and been called 

there will we look up to see the moon light

and there I will be standing 


there is were you will  find her ...she is the healer

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This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem rocks, very expressively honest

give The Lord all the sufferings you go through

trust in Him that He'll heal you, comfort, cover you with His blood

verse of the day: John 13:34-35

God bless you


notice on the hash tag, it states i'm the poet known as mvp-most valuable poet.

what's the drive behind the tag?


Are you asking why I tag you in my peoms?

If so because I know you can relate 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

good morning jesennia

i was asking why you tag me

when i saw the reason why, i can connect and relate

thanks 4 the shout out, i'm humble

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