God's Love


Spiritually fed by the grace of God, 

Never will I go without hunger or neglect. 

Through his forgiving and cherishing heart, 

I am here today to share my work of art. 

Times of heartache and pain come and go, 

But his words never seem to stray away. 

From here to there and everywhere, 

I carry his word deep inside my heart. 

To give and not expect anything in return, 

I know this is my destiny to speak from his words. 

His love surrounds me and keeps me safe, 

I am grateful to know that he can. 

No one can compare to what he can do, 

Every day I have faith that he will come through. 

Nothing is impossible or unthinkable with God, 

You can overcome and achieve beyond any limit. 

The masterpiece of God’s work amazes me, 

He has given me the ability to love and help others. 

God brought his only begotten son to save us, 

I am truly thankful for his love that pours over me. 



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