Gods' Authority


United States
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This is Gods gift,
God work, god love, and god's hell.
Dont forget that this Gods' gift!

Understanding the guility pleasures
The world will never know!
So whose going to figure out
How many licks it takes!
Or how many drugs you'll shake,
Or how many steroids Barry Bonds taken!
C'mon Sherlock Holmes figure it out?

Langston Hughes, Bob Marley, or mister Frank!
Frank the tank, Frank the sank, Frank "The" Sinatra!
Came in and changed the game,
Like a Beyonce Halftime show!
Rejoicing and making a comeback like the 2013 Superbowl.
Had Americans thinking fútbol not foitball!
A miraculos change indeed.
Without the use of California's weed.

After alk is said, wrote, or even recited.
Lets not forget,
This is God's gift, God's work, God's love, and God's hell.

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