Gods are disgusting

As I sit here finishing this novel, I am reminded of why I started. From the hate and the pain,

the humiliation and the shame. We women are used like cheap tissues.

By gods who aren't even worth being called snakes. Boys. Childish, immature,

coddled. Gods it's disgusting. No gods are disgusting.

They charm you like a piper and destroy you like a disease.

That's what he gave me. A disease. Shame. Disgust. Ugly pain.

You see Poseidon said he loved me. He called me pretty.

Too bad morals isn't really his thing. You see I was a somebody. I was Athena's

I did everything for her. My body is a temple and I treated hers even better than mine.

But when my temple gets destroyed. When my pain is overbearing. I turned to her.

She was supposed to protet me. But she hated me. She hurt me just as much as he did.

Now I walk around hurting people jsut as they did. The circle of pain goes on.

Gods they're disgusting. And now so am I.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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