Gods Angels

God's Angeles

by Sandrajohnsonj on May 31, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

Just when you lose all hope you start to see a strange Glow what is this Glow every one wants to know.
It keeps growing bigger and brightener then it begins to take a form
The form of a human with long flowing wings white as snow theses wing's would glow but we have yet to know
As we sit scared stiff wondering what this really could be
It finally Don's on me
Can it be one of God's Angel's he has sent to me i guess it could be.
O'how beautiful they are you can see them from a far
So humongous so full of love and life they only come to us during troubled times.
When a loved one has passed away they come to us to say it's ok
They are around us all the time but we don't see them because we are blind.
You have to hold on and keep your faith and one of God's Angel's will come to you and stay.
With long flowing hair bright blue eyes big White wings that stretch from her head down to her feet
With a warm loving feeling they will bring.
Light Shining out from them so bright you can hardly stand to keep open your eyes that's God's Angel by your side.
By Sandra k Johnson July 15, 2005

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