The Goddess

I look in the mirror
Staring at the unshapely form of my body
The long arms
And the chubby fingers
The scattered freckles
The accidental scar on my leg
And the not so accidental scars everywhere else
The stretch marks on my back
I look in the mirror
And smile
Because I am not just a body
I am a goddess
My arms hold up the world and do not break
My fingers mold the Earth
The Galaxy
The Universe itself
I am a galaxy
My freckles the stars
Bright enough for wishes to be cast upon
My scars are supernovas
Evidence of a once violent explosion
And yet, still beautiful
I am a universe
My stretch marks the proof
Always growing
Always expanding
I look in the mirror
The once barren land of my body now a beautiful garden
I am not just a body
I am a person
I am a soul
I am a goddess
A goddess of my own creation

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