God is where



God draws in straight lines .

I’m dodging curveballs all the time .

Anagrams and symbols .... kind of like smoking menthols .

Dudes in tank tops in prison yards .

Tattoo scripts on stretched out skin .

Prayer hands or horns from hell.

Baby mama their girl Michelle.


Eight eight or white fence .

Jesus lives  in some wormy places .

Some draw it in quite strange places .

Trump or Pence is that gods ticket .

Where do killers stand on reproductive rights ?

Rats scurry in sudden light .


Come on baby ... all lives matter.

Don’t hide the truth about what you shatter .

Dead is dead and so’s your soul .

Take a life .... take a soul ...

However it’s framed ... you cede control.

Work that nixed Mary shimmers .

Ese’s eyes have a hateful glimmer .


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