God Save the Dreamer

God save the dreamer

Whose home was a fort of betrayal

His eyes were shattered like crystal

At a glimpse of the unmistakable truth

They made him a rigid boulder

A mob of pitchforks and claws

Stole the sparkle from his eyes

And molded his differences into flaws

God save the child

Lost inside a version of himself

He has yet to decipher

Juggling cans and cannots

Nows and what ifs

Wishing to cling to a concrete thought

A kind fate set in stone

God save the dreamer

Who stands his ground against mediocrity

His voice faded in a sea of rubbish noise

Out with his dreams went a certain audacity

That swelled from meager proportions

Now depleted into Father Time's lair

Like a work of science fiction

God save the dreamer

Allow the seed inside to blossom once again

And his wings to reach full width

If now can sweep the heights of then

The dreamer will embody his true breadth




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