God! I Would Ruin Everything

Everybody wants to be a god. 

God! I would ruin everything.

Everything that I touch,

Touches of chaos on earth.

Earth becomes still,

Still I continue to destroy.

Destroying love and hope,

Hopefuls await my leave.

Leaves of joy spiral,

Spirals grow like wind,

Windy days and tornadoes grow,

Growing sizes fear,

Fear in the eyes of kids,

Kids run away to the parents,

Parents wipe tears from their eyes,

Eyes shutting to hide from the monster.

Monster. That's what I am.

Am I not feeling it now?

Now I look calm on the outside.

Outside does not show my inner person.

Personality that nobody wants to be near.

Nearly everything would go wrong if I were a God.

God! I would ruin everything.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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