God, I am Sick



so i dont usually do this ting

but who ever you may be

all powerful and holly please

reach your hands out to me 

because i dont have a clue

caught at the cross rodes of adversity 

and i dint know what to do 

God, I am sick

not physically but mentally

immotionally of all the wongs that i see in my community

God, I am sick

sick of my people bragging about the ghetto 

when the ghetto is a situation we should be trying to get out of

but i guess thats why its called

a trap

a product of ignorant people and unconscience rap


he did not give us life for us to keep it still 

were suppose to keep moving and pogressing 

so why are my people still stuck here

in the ghetto

as if chained to the bottom so we can never rise tot he top

we are victims

victims of the street 

instead of running we are skipping 

so we start to skip beats 

beats like how enslaved africans were oppressed 

now those same struggles hide behind lyrics said by rappers in ignorance

oppression like how we were conned into turning against eachother

now were turned against eachother without the help of anyone ells

helpless like what the did to us back then

seperating our families forcefully

and now are families are seperate because these young boys

dont know how to be young men 

this is the ghetto and,

I am sick

so, sick of teenage girls making babies before making the honorrole 

we came from kings and queens

but now arent even honorable

i am tired of Obama being our youths only positive influence  

trading your innocense 

no, trading your common sense to ignorance

but this is not me

i will not let society define me 

i am a Queen

born from Africa and Nefrotiti

i am the dominant and orriginal being 

i am the mother of the earth

the strongest of the heard

god gave me the gift of my mouth 

so i blessed the world with my words

i kiss the sky when it snows

i leave crowds in shivers because my words are ice cold

i am a gift 

and to the world i gave birth

but the father was destruction 

so that explains the chaos we now call earth

and good and even has never been balanced

plus lately ive been sick and keeping equality is a challenge 

i fight and i fight 

fist in the air

but my body continues to hurt

so all that im left to do is sit back and watch my world get worse

mother nature is sick



Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community



This poem is about the struggles that i see in the black community, and communities like Ferguson.

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