September 22, 2015 a man named Sean said God got me. But then that night he went on home. Every since then his family had to remain so strong. But leaving us here to cry the pain away. Save me a spot I'll be there someday. The person that hit you will have to pay. You can't just hit somebody and get away. Then October 3rd we said our goodbyes. Thinking to ourselves only the good one dies. But it was your time to get your wings. There was nothing else your life could bring. Your story has ended but I won't close the book. I will always go back and have a look. I will have your laughs and smiles in my heart. You always wanted to help people from the start. In my mind you're not really dead. You will always live through me instead. I guess it was time for your soul to be set free. And you knew that the day you said "God Got Me"!

This poem is about: 
My family


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