God Is Good

God Is Good

As I look around this world, what do I see?

I see death, sickness, sadness, and misery

"For in this world is tribulation"

All of these burdens crushing me slowly

But as I'm being crushed, I hear it

A voice  saying "It is well"

"In Me you may have peace"

As I ponder that statement, I have a revelation!

There is only ONE thing in this world that is Good

And that ONE thing is The Grace of God

Throughout all of the world's death, sickness, sadness, and misery

My faith rests on Him

The Almighty, The Just, and The Awesome One

If you are looking for a "Silver Lining"

Look no farther

For His Name is God, Elohim, Yaweh, Jehovah

The God of Mercy, The God of Justice, The Righteous God, The ONLY God 

Who Was and Is and Is to Come.






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