God Give us THis Day


The Parks at Westridge
2092 parador bend Mcdonough GA
United States
33° 25' 1.5636" N, 84° 12' 14.022" W

May we all please bow our head and pray

and thank the Father our Lord for giving us this day

Lord you know we've come a long way

since you first mold your image in a mound of clay

onto today, where we fix our knees in the same dirt from which we came

to bow our head and pray, in your holy name

the world has become corrupt, more so if not the same

as it was before,

now 'a  days people are more

sinners than saints, nations are lost at war

help Lord

they feed children lies, when we expect the truth

deprived an entire generation of its roots

and more than just one

gave the youth life in prison

when they deserved freedom

Lord forgive them, they know not what they do

I apologize for my people

for it only gets worse

in this, your Earth

yet you have mercy

we live in your grace

with holy water we drench the thirsty

without sight we walk in faith

it is not the manipulation of the media in witch I am concerned

but the manipulated children, misled from what it truly means to learn

heaven is earned, and hell burns eternally

so before its my turn to spend eternity

I pray for peace, love, and tranquility

for whatever lies ahead

God give us this day, Our Daily Bread







Amen! I love this poem not only because it is one of the first poems I have seen call out to God for help, but also because it expresses truth. I am beyond proud that I have another sibling of God praying for this world and the hope that all people can find salvation by accepting our Lord and Savior before rapture. Please keep writing His message on to those who are lost and to those who are found who need to be reminded who they are in Him. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!

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